How to Blog Design Style Guide


When designing blogs I noticed there are a few different design elements that I have to take into account every time. I have broken these different design elements into nine different parts. The more attention you give to each part, the better your overall blog design will be. Continue reading


6 twitter strategies for increase a great following

twitter strategiesYou are on twitter, that’s fine. But are you connected with the right people? Are you achieving your goals successfully? Probably you will need to develop a better twitter following. Keep on reading dear, you will come across certain techniques and methods which will enable you to build a quality twitter following. The techniques mentioned in this post worth a lot to persons who desire better following on twitter. Continue reading

9 High Definition Chrome Themes

Google Chrome undoubtedly has the most amazing themes which makes it more elegant as compared to all other browsers. In this post we have compiled some astounding Google Chrome themes, including HD themes. So make your Chrome browser more stylish and pick a theme of your liking.

To install any of these themes, click on the download links and use the Install button to download the theme file. Once downloaded, double click on the theme file to install the theme. To revert the changes go to Chrome Options –> Personal Stuff and click on “Restore Default Theme”. This will revert your Chrome browser to the default Chrome theme.

Give your Chrome browser a taste of uncharted territory with the RedBull Stratos Theme.

RedBull Stratos

Download RedBull Stratos Theme Continue reading

5 twitter tips for beginners

twitter tips

If you’re a first time twitter user, you can find here some useful tips regarding twittering. Don’t despair! Every time you start using a socialising platform for the first time, things can seem a little bit complicated, but it’s alright. Take a look through the tips, share them with your friends if you like and take the most from the Twitter experience! If you’re a veteran, there may be some overlooked things here even for you!

So here we start… Continue reading

How to make your blog design unforgettable

blog design

A big problem with blogs these days is that a lot of them look pretty much like each other so it is hard to tell them apart and worst, it makes them easy to forget. While the quality of your content will have a large effect on whether or not your material was worth remembering, the blog design will either make or break the user’s experience when they are reading your content.

The peak-end rule being how a person codes their experience in a memory by taking the most intense feeling during that experience and combining it with the experience felt at the end. In this article, I will take it a step further and show you how to use the peak-end rule to your advantage.

In a study testing usability and the peak-end rule, they found out that a single experience of a particularly pleasant design feature will leave a stronger impression than several experiences of a feature that is less pleasant. What this means for blog design is that if you only have time to do one thing very good or a bunch of things so-so, opt for that one thing. So that it sticks out in the mind of the user. Continue reading

Four Media Player Alternatives For VLC Player

VLC Media Player is no doubt one of the most widely used  media players. In fact over the years there seems to have been no alternative to VLC. However, are a lot of media players, which can provide a wider range of functionality than VLC. This is because media players nowadays, have widen their horizon from merely providing multimedia playback functionality. In this post we will provide you with the four revolutionary media player alternatives to VLC. These players have their own set of unique features and additional functionality, which makes them quite exclusive “in their own way”.
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