How To Use Hidden Google Plus Features [Google+ Cheat Sheets]

Google+ is fast becoming robust social media platform and is being used by both micro bloggers and common users. Here is a list of some cheat codes and shortcuts which can help you get the most out Google Plus and enhance your Google+ experience. The below cheat sheets contain everything from basic usage to hidden features of Google+ that you probably didn’t know about. Below is an overview of the two cheat sheets, followed by links given at the end of this post to download them.


Some Instructions from Cheat Sheet 1:

To make words bold by typing them as *word*
To make words italic by typing them as _word_
You can post words crossed out by typing them as –word-.
You can drag links directly to the share box to share photos, videos, and links.
To Mention people in your posts add + or @ in front of their names
Space= Scroll down Stream
Shift Space = Scroll up Stream
J= Single Post down scroll
K= Single Post up scroll
Q =Jump to chat
Return= Start Comment
Tab, Return= End Comment

See the image for more instructions.

google plus cheat codes, tips, secrets and cheat sheat 1

Some Instructions From Cheat Sheet 2:

You can share a single photo from an album by dragging it to the share box in the upper right corner, next to the notifications indicator.
If you have more than one profile image in the profile album, your profile image flips when clicked.
Hovering over a Circles page will fade people if they are not located in that circle.
Adjust settings about email notifications by clicking the gear in the upper right corner and click Google+ Settings.
When a person is mentioned in a post, he/she is automatically added as receiver of the message.
The maximum number of photos in an album is 1000.
The maximum number of albums are unlimited.

See the second cheat for more information.

google plus cheat codes, tips, secrets and cheat sheat 2
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