Tips on Successfully Promotion Yourself on Twitter. Do’s and don’ts

twitter promotion

If you want this strategy to work, you will have to follow certain important rules. These will help you achieve your goals. Also these tips will prevent you from getting into trouble and get bad vibes while promote yourself on Twitter.

1.  Don’t follow back people that have decided to follow you. This means that the person has decided to follow you by himself and one needs to see what updates you post on your Twitter account, so that would be an unnecessary follow back move.

2.  Don’t pay attention to threatening messages if you unfollow someone. They might seem offensive, but that doesn’t mean that the person you have unfollowed is upset. Most of these messages are generated automatically.

3.  Post your tweets carefully and don’t overdo it. If there are too many tweets on your account, people that follow you might think you are a spammer and you are on Twitter just to spam them, hence they might choose to unfollow you.

4.  Post smart tweets, these might get the chance to be retweet’ed by your followers. This way you might be followed by the followers of your followers and so on.

5.  Always answer the messages that your followers send you. If you think something went wrong, a simple “I am sorry” will work and won’t make your followers think that you are rude. Care about your followers, this way they will want to visit your website and be grateful for good customer care.

6.  Set an API application on your Twitter account. It will automatically send private messages to all your new followers and thank them for choosing to follow you. You can either choose or desktop software TweetAdder. After all you won’t have to pay anything for this.

7.  Make a list of all Twitter users that belong to the same domain you are interested in, and follow their followers. This will be easier to spot people that are interested in the same subject that you might offer services in.

8.  When you decide to follow a Twitter user, make sure he/she has a proper bio and a profile picture; otherwise it could be a fake account or a spammer.

9.  Once you have spotted an account that has lots of users you would like to follow, do that only for the last (50 for example) Twitter users, otherwise you might get to follow the same persons twice. You can check that account after some time and see the other last users that you would like to follow and proceed the same way as you did before.

10.  If you decide to follow the users of an account that is in your interest, do that only for the recent users that have followed that account.

11.  If you can’t locate your tweets in the search results, make sure to let Twitter support team know about this issue and they will activate your account. This problem is common for new accounts.

12.  In case Twitter blocks your account, don’t hesitate to write an explanation letter to their support team, explaining that you are not a spammer and you would like your account back. Note: While using the method described in this booklet, no accounts were blocked.

13.  Social networking is about having a smart and effective dialog when it comes to promotion so try to RT smartly. Don’t just retweet any posts of users that you follow, try to focus on those that have really impressed you.

14.  The least but most important thing to remember is Patience. If you think that you are not going to be able to handle this method with patience then you should better choose a professional method of promotion and pay for it. Or you can hire someone else that could do this for you. Remember that you might not be successful right after 2-3 days of promote yourself on Twitter, so you will need to have patience and stay focused on your goal.

You will spend about 20 minutes per day to research and follow about 1000 Twitter users. You can unfollow all of them when the number of followers is equal to the number of people you follow. You can also unfollow if you see that the number of people you follow is bigger than the number of followers.

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