6 twitter strategies for increase a great following

twitter strategiesYou are on twitter, that’s fine. But are you connected with the right people? Are you achieving your goals successfully? Probably you will need to develop a better twitter following. Keep on reading dear, you will come across certain techniques and methods which will enable you to build a quality twitter following. The techniques mentioned in this post worth a lot to persons who desire better following on twitter.

1) Search out for the people you know

search people

It is very easy to connect to people you already know. Ask twitter to crawl the existing contact lists from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and LinkedIn. As this feature is available for web based email only, your outlook contacts are not fetched on twitter. But You can still manage it in simple steps.

Register a new web based email account like Yahoo, Gmail or AOL or login to an existing one.

Now export your contacts from outlook express and import them to the web based mail. It will be done within a few minutes.

Go back to “Find Friends” on twitter and make twitter search for new contacts from your web based emails.

However this is not the way you will get thousands of followers but it is a good step to get some new readers or followers form your known arena. These people as they know you may take an extra interest in your posts and tweet you regularly. They may even place you in a list of “Real People”. This is an effective method to create long term relationships.

2) Create a twitter widget for your website or blog.


You can flash your tweets on your blog. It will give your visitors a type of snippet about you. You can make a good impression among your blog visitors and at the same time make your blog quite dynamic. It is not that difficult. You can easily apply twitter’s own inbuilt tool to add your tweets into your blog. Choose your platform and twitter will automatically generate required codes that need to be included into your blog. If it is WordPress blog then you can easily add a “Latest Tweets” feature to any section of the blog you prefer.

The Widgets section of WordPress blog will list “Latest Tweets”. Now you can drag and drop it to the preferred section. Your options are more when you have a self hosted WordPress blog.

I prefer twitter tools to use this feature. It creates a good integrity between twitter and WordPress sites. I can send my posts to twitter archive and create posts from there. The little code makes everything possible. This method will help you to increase a number of followers.

3) It is always better to join a conversation

This is perhaps a great way to keep and interact with your followers, but seldom used by us. This helps to get some good quality followers as well. Here are a few tips to do that.

– Reply to a question that your follower have asked…brightly.

– Try to participate in a topic your followers are engaged in discussing.

– Try to understand your audience’s potential by asking several different questions.

However “Larger” topics are normally #hashtagged and can be easily isolated in the tweet-stream by using Tweet Chat.

This process works very well in generating followers, but at the same time your followers understands you and your opinions, views and ideas on discussed topics which let them attract towards following you. But remember you should never try to force a conversation topic. You do not either require to start your own #hashtags nor create a buzz on your preferred topic. Join an existing conversation and that’s all you have to do.

4) Integrate all your social networks

Integrating all the social networks is an excellent idea. I love to develop a good friendship with someone whom I meet on twitter and then understand each other better on Facebook. Again taking a Facebook friend to twitter platform can make things better. But how will you integrate Facebook with twitter? It’s very easy. Import your tweets into your Facebook account with the help of widgets.

Twitter has its own integrated method too.

twitter facebook

But if you don’t want to import all of your tweets to Facebook then use Selective tweets method.

5) Putting your twitter name in your signatures is a great idea

Do you have a business card without a telephone number? Isn’t’ it absurd? Similarly don’t send an email without adding your Twitter name in your signature. Make it clear that your signatures in all your email accounts have your twitter name included in them.

6) Start a contest

If you start an interesting contest for your followers, you will be able to engage the existing followers on one hand and at the same time get new followers through referrals from the present users. This strategy works very well and is a powerful tool.

Your contests may be:

– Integrated in a blog (Strategy 2: Create a twitter widget for your website or blog)

– A spark for a conversation and that may generate a major impact on twitter, taking the contest to be amazing (Strategy 3: It is always better to join a conversation)

– Fetching your twitter followers to the Facebook fan page or vice versa (Strategy 4: Integrate all your social networks)

Hope, you have understood these six strategies and have acquired some idea for generating more fan following on twitter.