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How to Blog Design Style Guide


When designing blogs I noticed there are a few different design elements that I have to take into account every time. I have broken these different design elements into nine different parts. The more attention you give to each part, the better your overall blog design will be. Continue reading


How to make your blog design unforgettable

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A big problem with blogs these days is that a lot of them look pretty much like each other so it is hard to tell them apart and worst, it makes them easy to forget. While the quality of your content will have a large effect on whether or not your material was worth remembering, the blog design will either make or break the user’s experience when they are reading your content.

The peak-end rule being how a person codes their experience in a memory by taking the most intense feeling during that experience and combining it with the experience felt at the end. In this article, I will take it a step further and show you how to use the peak-end rule to your advantage.

In a study testing usability and the peak-end rule, they found out that a single experience of a particularly pleasant design feature will leave a stronger impression than several experiences of a feature that is less pleasant. What this means for blog design is that if you only have time to do one thing very good or a bunch of things so-so, opt for that one thing. So that it sticks out in the mind of the user. Continue reading

3 Things to Remember When Designing a Blog Footer


tumb_postBlog footers have traditionally been neglected by designers, usually home only to the obligatory   copyright line. Times are-a-changin’ though. Creative footers have become one of the hottest trends in web design, and blog footers are no exception.

It’s not hard to see why. A visitor who reaches the bottom of a web page and finds themselves without anymore content left to browse is at the point where they are most likely to wander away. Blog footers help capture and maintain the interest of the visitor who thinks they’ve seen everything. But they have to be done well. Here are three key things to remember when designing a blog footer. Continue reading